Geometric Pairings

Installing a window wall is quite an undertaking, since it can mean renegotiating the structural integrity of your home and reduced energy efficiency, among other concerns. An easier way to get this look is to instead install a bank of several windows. For instance, in the photo above, multiple accent windows flank a large picture window, adding up to an outstanding modernist take on the living room.

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Geometric Pairings

This technique works particularly well to open up smaller areas, like a kitchen nook with vaulted ceilings, or a pressed-for-space living room. It also makes a great choice if budgeting is a concern, since you can pair multiple rows of factory-made windows to achieve this effect, rather than buying something special order. Again, the type of windows you choose will affect the cost. Additionally, the installer will likely charge more to cut into the wall, so be prepared to spend more there as well.

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